• Question: If u had to study any other field of science what would it be

    Asked by Rian.a19 to Sudhin, Sergio, Katie, Aoife on 21 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Katie Fala

      Katie Fala answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      Astrophysics! I don’t know that I would be able for it, but I love thinking about space-time, gravitational waves, black holes etc in my spare time

    • Photo: Sergio Martin Saldana

      Sergio Martin Saldana answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      Nice question! Probably environmental science, since I think climate change and water management are the most important challenges to deal in the future

    • Photo: Aoife Campbell

      Aoife Campbell answered on 21 Nov 2019:

      Chronobiology! It’s the study of the circadian rhythm on our body. I’ve become really interested in sleep research recently. I’m constantly amazed how critical a good sleep routine is for your body.