• Question: What is the most enjoyable part of your work?

    Asked by away42den to Frances, Sudhin, Sergio, Katie, Diarmuid, Aoife on 9 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by grew42gas.
    • Photo: Diarmuid Kenny

      Diarmuid Kenny answered on 9 Nov 2019:

      Beyond drinking coffee, I would say it is working with my collegues to solve problems. I love it when we make a breakthrough and find that we have solved a problem we have been working on for a long time

    • Photo: Aoife Campbell

      Aoife Campbell answered on 9 Nov 2019:

      I’m a scientist so I do a lot of experiments and its always exciting not knowing what the outcome will be

    • Photo: Sergio Martin Saldana

      Sergio Martin Saldana answered on 9 Nov 2019:

      As a scientist every day is a different day with new challenges, and you can learn new things with every experiment that you perform

    • Photo: Frances Shiely

      Frances Shiely answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      My work involves teaching, research and administration. I equally love the teaching and the administration. I love finding new up to date newspaper articles related to my work and then bringing that to my students. it shows them that our work is current. For example, just this year we had the scandal of the patients in France dying while on a clinical trial. I can show my students what went wrong and how we can do it better the next time. Much of my research is on the methodology of clinical trials and that is about how to improve how we design a clinical trial and how to improve how we conduct it.

    • Photo: Katie Fala

      Katie Fala answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      I’d have to say the variety – no two days are ever the same – keeps things interesting, while continuously learning new things (every day is a school day!) keeps the work enjoyable.

      Also echo Diarmuid – coffee breaks with my friends!