• Question: what made you decide to take the course you ddi in relation to scince and why?

    Asked by item42pie to Sudhin, Sergio, Katie, Frances, Diarmuid, Aoife on 20 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Katie Fala

      Katie Fala answered on 20 Nov 2019:

      I always liked science in school and found biology and chemistry easiest to understand. When I decided to go back to college I ended up applying for and starting a more specific degree (Herbal Science) but moved to a more general course in Biosciences after first year and ended up specialising in Nutritional and Health Science. I think I was interested in the influence of diet on our health, especially in separating the fact from the fiction as there can I think in general that there can be a lot of pseudoscience/mixed messages around nutrition! Over the years the microbiology modules and also plant science modules stood out, and being able to do work experience researching fermented foods (foods that are made/transformed by the actions of microbes like bacteria, fungi and viruses) in the 3rd year of my degree definitely helped me decide what I wanted to do after graduation.